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Been playing with OPSE for a while now and it has been awesomely useful (or usefully awesome)! I've played from derelict ship in space to Street Fighter style combat in a fantasy underground fungi maze.

Would it be possible to have a full-pledged editor for the [Player Action] option? Or add a feature that allows editing it? Then I wouldn't have to switch apps or rewrite anything 🙂

Thank you for creating a wonderful app and GM emulator!


I recently came across "Me Myself & Die" on youtube and was introduced to the concept of solo TTRPGs, and thought it was cool but it seemed like it would take way too much time to roll everything and use all the charts. This application though makes it super quick and simple, and covers about 90% of the stuff I'd need. Great job. 

The simplicity of the oracle system that is included is great mechanically but often doesn't give me quite enough... if you can ever add a "portent" option that would give two random words from a dictionary or bigger list this would cover 95% of everything I could use. As is, this is still a great tool and I can look up word generators elsewhere.